Church LEDs

Amerikana Green Energy’s Church LED Lighting division has performed 1,000’s of projects. We have upgraded small chapels that seat less than 100 people to large sanctuaries & cathedrals that seat over 5,000, including many churches on the Historical Registry. Amerikana Green Energy has a Nationwide Network of project consultants and electrical contractors that are eager to upgrade your church to LED Lighting .

Our goal is exactly the same as your renovation committee, make your church or sanctuary as beautiful as it can possibly be at the lowest possible cost with little or no disruption to your church services. We are sensitive to your style of worship. Our lighting design and engineering staff will carefully evaluate the existing architecture of your facility and the needs and desires of your staff and congregation to beautify your existing worship areas with LED Lighting.

We have many years of experience in working with churches on renovations and Historical Restoration building projects. Our professional staff has developed a quality line of church LED Lighting products and services to meet your needs. We’ll provide you with a complete turnkey operation including lighting design, installation and disposal of existing lighting with little or ZERO Out of Pocket Cost. We are committed to making your church or sanctuary lighting beautiful, lower your electric cost and help the environment by going Green!