About Us

Amerikana Green Energy offers innovative, turn-key solutions to the lighting design, engineering, sustainability, and operations of buildings and grounds. We help building owners establish and implement high performance GREEN platforms for their existing or new facilities.

In a time of high energy cost and a desire to lower your carbon footprint, Amerikana Green Energy offers unique solutions to the energy challenges of today. By updating your facility with leading edge LED technology your company can GO GREEN.

We represent a collection of the largest US based LED Lighting manufactures. We will find the best solution for you to Go Green with LED LIGHTING at no COST OUT of POCKET! We can guarantee…. No CAPITAL EXPENSE!!! We will arrange advertising, branding and press releases for your GO GREEN project.

Your monthly Lighting operating expense will be less after we install the State of the Art LEDS

Amerikana Green Energy is an ESCO(Energy Savings Company) that works with many of the leading USA LED Lighting manufactures: With our partners, we provide clients with direct pricing quotes from at least 3 USA manufactures, beta program to determine the correct lighting levels, lighting design, engineering, Certified Green installation, 3rd party tax certification, register the warranties, preapprove the project with the utility company, obtain the rebates, secure the EPA disposal certificate and provide financing with The Amerikana Green Lease so there is No Upfront Out of Pocket Cost…No Capital Expense.

Amerikana Green Energy will arrange for tax/rebate preapproval, obtain the rebates and arrange the 3rd Party 179D EPACT Tax Certification.


  • Custom Engineering
  • Custom LED Lighting Design & Simulation
  • Custom Beta at No Cost
  • Custom Fixtures and Menu Boards


  • 5-10 Yr Warranty on Lights and fixtures
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Base Line for Rebates
  • 3rd Party Certification to Qualify project for Tax Benefits
  • Sensors
  • Timers
  • Dimmers

Custom Install
Disposal of Old lights with EPA Disposal Certificate